Master’s Degree in Sports Marketing - English taught

The sports sector is growing exponentially all over the world. It is also a hugely global industry.

There is a double connection between sports and the world of marketing and sales. On the one hand, there are an increasing number of companieswhose business relates to sports, and which need an in-depth understanding of the right marketing and sales tools to achieve success in their competitive environment; and on the other hand, sports are by nature an excellent communications platform for companies in any economic sector, thanks to their extraordinary reach in the media and the values they transmit, and they can provide great added value to any company or brand associated with them.

Alongside more traditional marketing tools, concepts such as city marketing, community management of athletes and brands in social networks, new channels for exploiting sports rights, corporate social responsibility, and ever more varied forms of sponsorship define the profile of modern sports marketing.

Spain is one of the world centers of sports marketing and has some of the leading athletes and teams in the world’s most popular sports. In recent decades the country has also organized many world-level sports events, leveraging the impetus of the Barcelona Olympics. Meanwhile, some of the most important individual and group sports rights contracts involve Spanish agents.

The Master’s Degree in Sports Marketing, offered by Real Madrid Graduate School and Universidad Europea, is a pioneering international program in the field of sports marketing, designed to give international or Spanish students with a global and multicultural outlook the training they need to take advantage of professional opportunities in the combined fields of marketing and sports.

The Master’s degree also offers the possibility of an internship in the Marketing Department of Real Madrid C.F. for the best-performing students in the program.

Key Information

Designed for

International or Spanish students with an excellent level of English, with first degrees in:

  • Sports Science
  • Business Administration or Business Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Any other holder of a higher education qualification who wants a career in sports marketing

The Master’s degree is also especially suited as a private degree program for sports industry professionals who want to deepen and broaden their expertise in order to further their careers.


After completing the course, students receive the qualification of Master’s Degree in Sports Marketing from Universidad Europea de Madrid.


The Master’s degree comprises 60 ECTS.October to May.




Full-time program from Monday to Thursday, 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.


Campus Alcobendas of Universidad Europea, with occasional activities at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium


The internship period will take place after or during the study program in companies collaborating with the course. At the end of this period, students will draw up a report summarizing their activities. Companies will select students after evaluating their CVs and the skills they have developed on the course. The best students will have the option of taking their internships in the Marketing Department of Real Madrid.


The program is structured into theoretical and practical modules covering the discipline of sports marketing in all fields. After the theoretical program students will take a final module, during which they will complete their final thesis, and a practical module in companies in the sector.

Module I The characteristics of sports marketing
  • The conceptualization and categorization of sports marketing
  • The function of marketing within sports companies
  • Sports as a marketing tool
  • The history and evolution of sports marketing
Module II The image of sports and sports sponsorship
  • Sports in the traditional media
  • Sports on the Internet and social networks. Community Management for teams and athletes
  • Sports sponsorship: conceptualization and categorization
  • Sports sponsorship: corporate sponsorship policies and activation of sponsorship
  • Sports and corporate social responsibility
  • Personal image management for professional athletes
Module III Market research in sports
  • Analysis of the sports sector and competitors
  • Analysis of clients
  • Market research tools. Main studies
  • Big Data applications in the world of sports
Module IV Consumer behavior
  • Typical characteristics of sports consumption
  • The behavior of consumers of sports products and services
  • The behavior of consumers of sports events
  • Sports consumption in the hierarchy of needs
Module V Sports marketing strategy
  • Strategy in sports products and services
  • Price strategy in sports products and services
  • Distribution strategy in sports products and services
  • Media strategy in sports
  • Marketing-mix strategy applied to sports
Module VI The sports marketing plan
  • The sports marketing planning process
  • Definition of the marketing plan: stages, structure, format and development
  • The sports company marketing plan
Module VII International sports marketing
  • Internationalizing sports companies
  • International sports events
  • City Marketing
  • International marketing strategies
  • Sports marketing in professional leagues and the Olympics
Module VIII Sports marketing and communication
  • Strategic and operational marketing
  • Sponsorship and patronage in sports
  • Sports rights
  • Sports and society
  • Sports and the media
Module IX Professional internships
Module X Final thesis


  • Dr. D. Álvaro Fernández Luna Universidad Europea
  • D.ª Begoña Sanz Sales and Marketing Director of Real Madrid C.F.


Professors of the Master’s Degree in Sports Marketing include:

  • D. Ricardo Alonso Marketing Director of Real Madrid C.F.
  • D. Julio del Río Former Strategy Director at YouFirst Sports
  • D. Ricardo de Diego Senior Marketing Manager of KIA Motors
  • D. Antonio Yuncal Former Director of Corporate Communication at Nike
  • D. Rafael de los Santos New Media Director, Real Madrid C.F.
  • D.ª Ana Argote Sponsorship and Events Director of Orange
  • D. Joan Sardá Former Director of Sponsorships at Mahou San Miguel
  • D. Rubén Rivera Football Assets Manager at Coca-Cola
  • D. Carlos Pérez Project Manager Bwin-Real Madrid, WPP Group
  • D. Ramiro Lahera Former director of Marketing for Madrid 2016 and the Spanish Basketball Federation
  • D. Javier Mancebo Director of Intelligence and Metrics at Havas Sports & Entertainment
  • D.ª Mónica Velayos Head of Research at Grupo Cope
  • D. Roberto García Running Sales Specialist at Adidas
  • D. Raúl Fernández Retail Marketing Manager at Nike
  • D.ª Begoña Liso Director of Sports Rights Management at Prisa TV
  • D. Luis Saladie Events Director of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation
  • D. Pekka Odriozola Head of Media, FIFA
  • D. George Young Country Manager, Spain, National Basketball Association (NBA)

Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea reserves the right to make any necessary changes in faculty assignments for the programs. For more information, please check the Graduate School Regulations.

Admission Process

The admissions process for Universidad Europea Graduate School programs can take place at any time during the year, although enrollment on any graduate program will depend on the availability of places.

For personalized advice, you can go to either of our university campuses (La Moraleja or Villaviciosa de Odón), or contact us by phone: 902 23 23 50 or e-mail: to receive advice from the Graduate Admissions staff. For calls from outside Spain, please use this number: (+34) 917 407 272.

Once candidates have received advice and have provided the necessary documentation, the Graduate Admissions staff will set a date for taking the entrance exams corresponding to the program they are interested in, and for a personal interview with the Master’s Program Director or a member of the Admissions Committee.

The admissions process involves no costs or commitment for candidates until their place is formally reserved.

Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea reserves the right to cancel or delay the start of a graduate program if the required minimum number of enrolled students is not met. The University also reserves the right to make any necessary changes in timetables, faculty assignments, location and campus for the programs. For more information, please check the Graduate School Regulations.