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Leadership and Sports Management

1ª Intake: May 2017 to August 2017
2º Intake: October 2016 to January 2017
About the program

The Leadership and Sports Management Program has a special focus on the professional side of the business and is designed for professionals who want to combine work and study.

It will allow students to develop their Leadership abilities through the study of concepts in 3 major areas: General Management, HR and Entrepreneurship complemented by the analysis of real case studies.

Foto Testimonial Pablo Burillo
Pablo Burillo - Director of the MBA in Sports Management (online)
The Sports Industry undergoes the most rapid changes in its history. In this uncertain landscape, managers with the necessary technical expertise and skills are needed to lead their institutions in the direction of growth


The goal of the program is to develop the Leadership and Management competencies of the professionals of the Sports Industry and thus prepare them to be the engine of the change and growth of the Industry.

Who is for?

This program is aimed at senior and intermediate managers of the Sports Industry who, on the course of their duties, need to complement their knowledge and develop their Management skills.

Top 3 Reasons why
of the students of the Real Madrid Graduate School are international, which adds a multicultural experience to the program
Over 30
different nacionalities in the classroom
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More than 65 Real Madrid executives are part of the faculty of the Real Madrid Graduate School

Key aspects
  • Virtual campus.
1ª Intake: May 2017 to August 2017
2º Intake: October 2016 to January 2017
MODULE I.- General Management
  • Economic analysis of the sports industry
  • Strategic Planning. Analysis of the Sports Environment and competition
  • Business Management Models and Economic aspects
MODULE II.- Managerial skills and Human Resources
  • People Management and Team Work
  • Coaching applied to sports
  • Motivational leadership of teams
  • Communication: Public speaking in professional environments
  • Emotional Intelligence in Sports Organizations
MODULE III.-Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Sports
  • Strategies for starting a Sports Business
  • The Business plan and financing
  • International organizations in Sports for Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sports
  • Social Entrepreneurship in Sports
  • Keys to success and failure
MODULE IV.- Final Project
  • Final project that integrates all the competencies and concepts acquired and worked throughout the course.