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Sports and Health

Master’s Degree in Physical Exercise and Health

Campus Based
October - July

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About the program
  • This Master´s degree has undertaken the task of designing specific training programs and improving the quality of life of large sections of the population.
  • Two different itineraries: Professional and Investigator (this one enable for the Pdh)
  • Learning based on practice
Jorge Díez
Student of Master’s Degree in Physical Exercise and Health – Spanish taught. Investigator itinerary.
This master degree has professor-investigators that provide a high quality education, mixed with internship in investigation research in public hospitals allowed me to prepare myself to my professional career. Concretely nowadays I have a scholarship in the 12 de Octubre hospital, working as a predoctoral investigator in the investigator group of physical activity and health. Without the learning contents, the experience in my internship and the contact that I stablished in the degree this reality could never become true.


Based on the biopsychosocial model, it has developed a program which essentially focuses on the three dimensions of health: biological, psychological and social, in order to address the needs of various populations with some type of pathology, or the elderly.

Who is for?

The Master's Degree is aimed at holders of university degrees in Physical Activity, Psychology or Education, Health Sciences and Physical Education Teaching

Top 3 Reasons why
of students carry out internships on physical exercise in pathology research projects
of its students have received various grants to continue to carry out research tasks into exercise for patients with pathologies.

Doctors, physiologists, researchers, physiotherapists, specialists in recent trends in the fitness sector and Physical Activity and Sports Sciences professors give Master’s classes, teaching the students to design exercise programs for the healthy population and those with a pathology.

Our collaborators
Our intership program will let you learn from the best inside sports organizations and leading companies in sports-related disciplines.
Learn everything you need to know to participate in the program, from documentation, interview process and registration.
Key aspects
  • Campus de Villaviciosa de Odón.
Friday afternoons, Saturdays and Sunday mornings. Alternate weekends.
From October to July.

Key aspects

The Master's Degree in Physical Exercise and Health is the program which best represents the research of Universidad Europea (the leader in sports science research in Spain 2012), and benefits from the experience of Real Madrid CF. It will help you become a well-rounded professional in the fastest-growing field of employment in sports (with internships closely connected to future job openings), backed by the guarantees of a Master's Degree from the UEM School of Sports Science. And if you want, you can also train as a researcher by taking the PhD in Physical Activity and Sports, certified by ANECA (the Spanish National Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation), at Universidad Europea de Madrid.

The concept of health has long been associated with the classic definition of the absence of illness (biomedical model). However, the new concept of health proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO) involves alternative indicators and adopting behaviors which reduce the probability of illness, discomfort and suffering (biopsychosocial model).

This new conception gives individuals an active role in their state of health, emphasizing lifestyle and physical exercise among the behavioral habits which most help to improve it.

Also, according to the latest Spanish survey on public health, one out of every six people aged over 15 has a chronic health problem. This fact shows that physical exercise professionals need to specialize in different pathologies in order to achieve all the benefits it can offer, but adapted to each particular individual.

The Master's Degree in Physical Exercise and Health, the first Master's Degree of its kind to be offered in Spain, has undertaken the task of designing specific training programs and improving the quality of life of large sections of the population.

Based on the biopsychosocial model, it has developed a program which essentially focuses on the three dimensions of health: biological, psychological and social, in order to address the needs of various populations with some type of pathology, or the elderly.

For all these purposes, Universidad Europea provides the latest technology, solid experience, an holistic vision, and one of the best faculties in the world.

Student profile

Students with vocation of health people to improve their quality of life through exercise programs.

Study options

Two itineraries: Professional and investigator


Students can also carry out internships at:

  • Senior residences
  • Hospitals or private clinics
  • Research units
  • Hotel chains
  • Fitness chains


The laboratories and facilities are fully equipped:

Exercise physiology laboratory: Vmax gas analyzer, YSI 1500 lactate analyzer, ABL-77 pH and electrolyte analyzer, cycle ergometer with electromagnetic brakes and cycle ergometer with mechanical brakes, arm ergometer, treadmill, blood biochemistry analyzer, ammonium analyzer, electrostimulator, electromyograph, anthropometry and body composition analysis equipment, 12-channel electrocardiograph, telemetric heart rate recorders, etc.

Athletic training laboratory: machines for assessing and analyzing isodynamic strength, portable accelerometers for estimating calorie expenditure, telemetric heart rate recorders and fitness room.

Biomedical laboratory: SISMEX blood analyzer and biochemical analyzer, hormones (ELISA, RIA, etc.), latest-generation DNA sequencer with capillary technology, etc.

Biomechanics laboratory: dynamometric platform, 2 or 3D digitalization, jump mat, all for kinematic and kinetic analysis, etc.


Treadmill exercise stress test, real cases analysis, swimming pool practice, fitness centers, Pilates rooms; functional training design.

MODULE 1.- Exercise Physiology

The coursework relates to physiological processes and how the body adapts to physical activity. The goal is to give students a different view from the purely empirical approach, assessing the physiological responses and the body’s adaptation to physical activity. This provides a solid scientific basis which is the foundation of all the procedures and actions forming part of physical activity.

  • Physiological responses and adaptation to Physical Activity I
  • Physiological assessment of responses and adaptation to exercise: theoretical concepts
  • Physiological responses and adaptation to Physical Activity II
  • Physiological assessment of responses and adaptation to exercise: practical applications
  • Physiological responses and adaptation to physical activity according to age and gender
MODULE 2.- Intervention Programs for Healthy Individuals and Special Groups

The second module includes coursework relating to the procedures for intervention through physical exercise, such as assessment, monitoring, control and the use of new technologies, as well as coursework relating to aspects of psychology and education in order to improve adherence, involvement and the meaningfulness of physical activity. The goal is to enable students to design, analyze and prescribe exercise programs for healthy individuals and/or those with related pathologies.

  • Devising health-oriented exercise programs
  • Devising exercise programs for special groups
  • Improving health and wellbeing: psychological aspects
  • Prevention and recovery from injuries
  • Nutrition and anthropometric assessment
  • New trends in the fitness industry
MODULE 3.- Interpreting and Designing Research

The third module consists of coursework relating to the interpretation and design of research projects. The goal is for students to learn, understand and be able to apply the procedures needed for scientific research.

  • Applied research methodology
  • Data analysis
MODULE 4.- Internship
  • Essential phase in student training, consisting of two fundamental activities:
  • Compulsory internship in associated centers
  • Practicum report
MODULE 5.- Master's Thesis

The Master's thesis includes the following activities:

The first activity is designed to give students the skills to carry out a research project, developing each of its parts, and discussing or defending them in public

The second activity is an original research project on the subjects studies

Lidia Brea Alejo
Professor in physical activity and sport science faculty of European University of Madrid
D. Carlos Enrique López Nuevo
Licenciado en Ciencias de la Actividad Física y el Deporte; Diplomado en Fisioterapia.
Profesor Facultad Ciencias del Deporte UEM. Fisioterapeuta Getafe CF SAD (Liga Santander).
Especialista en Ejercicio en Poblaciones Especiales.
Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea reserves the right to make any necessary changes in faculty assignments for the programs. For more information, please check the Graduate School Regulations.

Internship agreements with public and private bodies.

Research internships form part of the research projects of Master's degree professors. For example:

  • Project with McArdle's disease patients
  • Project with cancer patients
  • Project with the elderly
  • Project with pulmonary hypertension patients
  • Projects con murine models

Projects are assigned to students by the program director, who may require the student to take a preliminary interview with the Lead Researcher before being accepted on the project.

Internships consist of 150 in-person hours, in locations depending on the type of project (hospitals, fitness centers, laboratories, etc.). Internships may be taken from November until mid-June.

Professional internships take place in fitness centers thanks to partnership agreements, either existing or formed for the duration of the master's degree.

Fitness internships are for 200 hours, with the time distributed depending on the availability of the center and the student.

The whole process is supervised by a tutor in the project or center, and an internship coordinator in the School, who will monitor the student's performance during their stay, offering them feedback on their performance and pointing out areas for improvement and positive aspects where they are doing well.

The internship period ends with the creation of an individual internship report by the student. This document will consist of a report on the program of activities and responsibilities taken on during the internship period, together with an in-depth consideration of the experience.


The admissions process for Real Madrid Graduate School programs can take place at any time during the year, although enrollment on any graduate program will depend on the availability of places.

For personalized advice, you can go to either of our university campuses (La Moraleja or Villaviciosa de Odón), or contact us by phone: 902 23 23 50 or e-mail: postgrado@uem.es to receive advice from the Graduate Admissions staff. For calls from outside Spain, please use this number: (+34) 917 407 272.

Once candidates have received advice and have provided the necessary documentation, the Graduate Admissions staff will set a date for taking theentrance exams corresponding to the program they are interested in, and for apersonal interview with the Master's Program Director or a member of the Admissions Committee.

The admissions process involves no costs or commitment for candidates until their place is formally reserved.

The admissions process consists of the following stages:

  • Personalized advice
  • Submission of application and documentation for assessment of the candidate's profile
  • Profile assessment and interview
  • Confirmation of admission
  • Formal reservation and enrollment

Admissions Committee

C/ Tajo s/n 28670, Villaviciosa de Odón, Madrid
+34 91 211 53 65