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The Real Madrid Chair

The Real Madrid Graduate School, UE has created the Real Madrid Chair which aims to directly contribute to the generation of knowledge, to meet the demands of sports and academic fields, and to share with all society.

The sport and its environment have become a fertile ground for advanced research in areas such as physiology, nutrition, rehabilitation therapies, health, and laboratory observation for the social sciences.

Directed by Mario Vargas Llosa, the Chair aims to join Real Madrid under one umbrella, all those training and research projects that would allow a comprehensive overview of the sport.

Objectives of the Real Madrid Chair

  • Develop university cooperation with the sports world, promoting the creation of new knowledge and promote the dissemination of all aspects related to the sport.
  • Generate advanced research, whose findings permit proper development and integration of academics and sports.
  • Develop activities with significant national and international involvement.
IX Call for Applications for Sports Research Project Funding Real Madrid Chair
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