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In order to research and generate content of interest about sector trends, IN 2016 THE REAL MADRID GRADUATE SCHOOL – UNIVERSIDAD EUROPEA IS OPENING THE SPORTS TRENDS LAB – An observatory of sports industry trends.

The Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea is launching this research lab to analyze the ten main trends in the world of sports and the impact that this sector has on society and on a country's growth.


In the Sports Industry Trends Observatory, experts from different fields are responsible for researching and generating content of interest about the following trends, identified as key for this sector:

  1. NEW MEDIA: The way sports are consumed and the role of new media. New channels of communication between fans and teams/stars. The creation of athletes' personal brands on social media.
  2. TECHNOLOGY: The development of smart spaces to consume sports inside and outside of stadiums. The evolution of training methods. The influence of technology on amateur sports. Data analysis in competitive sports.
  3. MARKETING AND SPONSORSHIPS: Expansion plans for the world's top leagues and teams. The globalization of brands. The growth of new brands. The case of Red Bull. The profitability of sports values.
  4. EXERCISE AS MEDICINE/PRESCRIBING EXERCISE: The rise of physical activity as a path to health and social well-being. Physical exercise to treat and prevent diseases. The social impact of sports on health and life expectancy. The economic impact of physical exercise on healthcare savings.
  5. THE IMPACT OF SPORTS ON THE ECONOMY AND SOCIETY: The impact of the sports industry on a country's economy in terms of employability, GDP, health, etc. The impact of a world event like the Olympic Games (Rio 2016) or a Soccer World Cup.
  6. TRAINING, NUTRITION AND SUPPLEMENTS IN SPORTS: Scientific advances in the pursuit of maximum performance of the human race (super athletes). The impact of high performance on athletes' health. Sports coaching and mental training.
  7. SPORTS LAW: The emergence and growth of mediation as a way to resolve legal disputes in sports. The role of sports agents. The concept of elite athlete as a “multinational company.”
  8. WOMEN'S SPORTS: The growing female presence in sports as athletes and spectators/consumers. The growing presence of women at top levels of sports organizations.
  9. ADVENTURE SPORTS. The growth and democratization of adventure sports, including the concept of controlled risk. The future of minority sports: challenges and future prospects.
  10. REDEFINING SPORTS FOR EVERYONE. The proliferation of mass sports through the development of fitness and wellness centers. The practice of outdoor sports without the need for facilities. The development of sports like running, cycling and triathlon.
Emilio Butragueño
General Manager of the Real Madrid Graduate School – Universidad Europea
It is a strong step forward in this adventure that we began 10 years ago, aimed at using research to seek a better society for everyone
Francisco López Varas
Dean of the School of Sports and Exercise Sciences
The Observatory will be a diverse platform with critical capacity. Its mission will be to monitor and detect what is happening around each of the selected trends and confirm any new developments
Juan Morote
Rector of Universidad Europea
The Observatory defines the spirit of Universidad Europea, open to the society we serve every day.